This post is for all the businesses that are jumping on the Social Media bandwagon. You’ve been told to leverage the power of Social Media Networks like Twitter, however, mistakes can be made and it is my objective to give you a brief outline of Twitter mistakes businesses should be avoiding.

Don’t become a Tweeting White Elephant

About 28 percent of all Twitter accounts lie dormant after the user has set up their account. Don’t send the wrong messages to your followers or those that come across you by not Tweeting regularly.

Don’t Follow Anyone

If you’re following anyone on Twitter and they’re not following you back then there’s a problem. Start by unfollowing all the randoms and search for a select few Twitter accounts that are associated with your line of work and start to follow them. As a general rule never let your following counts exceed 10 percent higher than your followers count.

Are you Tweeting too much?

If you’re trying to dominate the Home Page feed by Tweeting every minute of the day then you’ll annoy your followers very quickly. Concentrate on only Tweeting useful stuff 2-3 times a day. If your Tweets are being Retweeted by others then you’ll know you on the right track.

Don’t be Selfish

A large amount of self-promotional Tweets will have you skating on thin ice with your followers. Instead of concentrating on yourself and what your business is doing, try to become a thought leader in your industry by Tweeting content that adds value and is relevant to everyone.

Engage in Conversation

Get to know your followers by engaging in conversation with them. You can do this by answering and asking questions. Look at @Travelstart if you want an example of a company that is doing things the right way on Twitter. They’re an online travel agency based in Cape Town and sell cheap flights online in South Africa.

Don’t be Afraid of Mixing Business with Pleasure

Even businesses need to show a more human side. A mix of non-commercial human Tweeting is fine. Comments about the weather etc. are fine. Stay away from profanity, personal attacks on other companies, politics, and religion.

Avoid making Twitter Business Mistakes. Read about who should manage your Social Media.

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