Live chat has become a digital marketing must for businesses far and wide. It makes it possible for potential customers to get in touch quickly and get hold of the information that they are looking for – and it makes it easier for you to persuade them to convert! Here are our top tips for using live chat to your advantage and successfully transforming leads into conversions.

Use Real People 

Yes, technology is super advanced nowadays, and it’s quite easy to get a bot to handle your live chat offering for you. However, this is almost certainly a way in which to lose out on valuable business. Instead, employ real people to manage your live chat as this ensures a much more personalised tone, as well as ensuring that your potential customers receive more accurate information in line with their queries. Just be sure to train and educate your live chat staff regularly regarding new products, services and/or any big changes within the company as a whole.

Fast Response is Key 

Let’s face it – people don’t like waiting. Slow loading time is one of the most prominent reasons as to why a website’s bounce rate increases… and it is the easiest way in which to lose out on a lead when it comes to live chat. Make sure that you respond quickly to any questions asked via live chat and you’re already halfway to making a sale.

Implement Post-Chat Surveys 

In doing so, you will learn more about how your potential customers are responding to your live chat efforts and your brand in general, and you will be able to make positive changes as a result. The more that you tailor your live chat encounters to suit your target audience, the higher your conversion rate is likely to be.

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