How can you tune your website, blog or online profile to focus only on your best customers?  You can do this by creating a behavioural profile of your best buyer.  By creating a behavioural profile you will also be able to predict future actions, so understanding what drives behaviour is critical. By creating behavioural profiles, you are creating a best buyer “persona” and you can effectively market to this group.  It helps you to design into your website value, persuasion, trust and purchase. This can help converting traffic into customers.

You can start by creating 4-5 customer segments about who the major buyers are of what you offer. Prioritize these segments (groups) from best to least desirable for you in terms of profitability, repeat buying and your ability to please them with your service.  Use your own formula for what is best for your company.

You can always focus more on your best buyers but you will want to apply these same ideas to your other customers, you just want to put the focus and emphasis on your best buyers.

Start by asking yourself a few questions about this group.

  1. What problem, goal or need is driving them to search for your product?
  2. What is the main obstacle that might stop them from choosing what you sell?
  3. What one thing is most likely to persuade this group to immediately buy once they learn this about your product?

Always think of your best buyer persona as a character.  Define their education, job description and demographics. What are their buying criteria.  What is their role in the buying process?  How do they reach a decision?  How skilled are they? You want to develop your character’s personality around traits that shows how your character views the world, thinks, speak and acts.

Developing a persona is meant to create empathy and understanding for your buyers situation, feelings and motives.  Once you personalize this into a user persona, your team can best create a selling strategy for your best buyers.  Decide what call to action will be most effective with this group

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