How can invoice factoring help you to better collect fees from your clients? Trucking and freight companies often struggle to find the time to collect fees from clients and sometimes clients take a long time to pay the companies in their supply chain. Trucking companies cash flow and thus profitability of the trucking company.

Without cash flow, a trucking company might not be able to take on new loads. This is where factoring solutions that were designed for the trucking and freight brokerage industry become useful. You will find that there are a variety of factoring companies servicing the market – you just need to select one that offers you the best rates and prompt service. At Charter Capital we provide factoring to many trucking companies with great success. 

How does factoring work?

In order to understand why factoring is the best way to collect fees from your clients, you need to understand how factoring works. Factoring is a financial funding service whereby the trucking company can sell its invoices to a third party known as the factoring service provider. The invoices are sold at a discount to the factoring company. The funds are then advanced to the trucking company. The factoring company will collect the required payments from the clients. It’s that simple and is the ideal way to save money and frustration.

One of the main reasons trucking companies opt for this particular service is the convenience that it offers and the obvious cash flow benefits. If you want to avoid your trucking and freight brokerage suffering cash flow problems, your best solution is to acquire the reliable services of a reputable factoring company such as Charter Capital.

Factoring Companies can do more than just collect payments from clients or advance funds on outstanding invoices. They also provide the following conveniences to trucking companies through the following factoring:

  • Funding before and after load deliveries.
  • Advances on fuel and huge discounts on fuel with the use of a fuel card.
  • Provision of free freight broker credit reports.
  • 24/7 load approvals
  • Funding assistance in as little as just 2 hours from request.

Use Charter Capital factoring service and never worry about cash flow again.

At Charter Capital we provide our clients with a prompt and reliable service. When you choose to make use of our cash advances, you can expect for us to handle the collection of payments with professionalism. We offer factoring specifically designed for the trucking and freight brokerage market and look forward to assisting you with your factoring needs.

For more information about factoring agreements and rates, get an instant factoring rate quote today.

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