Analyzing your website statistics can provide you with valuable information regarding your presence on the web.  It can show you the amount of visitors browsing to your website, which pages were viewed, country, keywords and how they got to your website.  Website statistics packages are part of most business hosting plans.

Find a list below on how you can utilize website statistics for your website.

  1. Visitor Activity: This is the number of visitors that visits your website/blog each day, week or month. Most statistical applications can show the visits and unique visitors for each month. Unique visitors are first time visitors while visits include new and returning visitors. You can see how many pages were viewed and what days of the week and month that visitors came to your website.
  2. Location: This is the location your visitors are coming from. This will show you a list of countries where your visitors are.  With Google Analytics you can view the exact location in the country where your visitor came from.
  3. Robots/Spiders: You can see which search engine spiders are indexing your website and how often they are returning.  Spiders and search engine robots crawl popular websites often.
  4. Navigation: You can see how long your visitors are staying once they arrive, which pages they viewed, entry pages and exit pages.
  5. Source: Track which search engines are sending visitors and see which keyword phrases are being used. You can see which websites are referring visitors to you.

The main purpose to analysing these statistics is to understand your website and to see potential problems on it.  Maybe you need to adjust your keywords or you need to navigate your visitors in a certain direction on your website.  Website statistics is essential to an internet marketing campaign.

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