As innovative technology emerges, there is an increase in software development companies that provide these professional services and skills to the industry. Good software development companies are able to develop custom solutions that help their clients maintain a competitive edge. We took a look at the top software development companies in 2019.


2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services

2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services specialises in delivering software testing services for organisations with a special focus on investment banking and asset management. They deploy nearly 100 staff across the UK for the best customer service.

2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company information:

Established in 2005.

2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company location:

Edinburgh – 117 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ

2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company services:

Sector Expertise – Investment, Asset Management.

2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Key industries: 




With clients like Adidas, it is no doubt that A1QA is one of the most independent software QA and testing services across multiple industries.

A1QA Company information:

Established in 2003.

A1QA Company location:

Lakewood, Co – 900 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 485, Lakewood, CO, 80235, Lakewood

A1QA Company services:

Software testing, web testing.

A1QA Key industries:

Multiple industries.



Acutest is a specialist software testing consultancy that has extensive test services. These services range from disaster recovery through to outsourced testing and they have clients from BBC to HP.

Acutest Company information:

Established in 2002.

Acutest Company location:

London – Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE

Acutest Company services:

Software testing, Test automation.

Acutest Key industries: 




Anadea is an international custom software development services provider with a staff of almost 100 IT experts. They have customers from all over the world who come to them for their unique web and mobile applications.

Anadea Company information:

Established in 2000.

Anadea Company location:

LA HQ – 723 S Casino Center Blvd. Fl 2, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Anadea Company services:

Server side development, Mobile Platforms.

Anadea Key industries:




BugFinders is a leading crowdsourced functional testing company that has worked with huge brands such as Visa and Calvin Client. They ensure that your most critical digital assets get the very best experience.

BugFinders Company information:

Established in 2011.

BugFinders Company location:

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire – 3 Rockfield Business Park, Old Station Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 0AN

BugFinders Company services:

Software testing.

BugFinders Key industries:

Not specified.


Caltek Technical Services

Caltek Technical Services has worked with a wide variety of blue-chip organisations to develop technical publications for many new start-up companies.

Caltek Technical Services Company information:

Established in 1995.

Caltek Technical Services Company location:

Worcestershire, England

Caltek Technical Services Company services:

Technical publications.

Caltek Technical Services Key industries:

Technical Services.


Clout Softech

Clout Softech is one of the fastest growing IT consulting and development firms aimed at business performance, productivity and profitability.

Clout Softech Company information:

Established in 2013.

Clout Softech Company location:


Clout Softech Company services:

IT consulting.

Clout Softech Key industries:

Not specified.



Doogle offers software testing services to speed understanding of your business needs and the needs of your customers.

Doogle Company information:

Established in 2006.

Doogle Company location:

Devon, England

Doogle Company services:

Software testing.

Doogle Key industries:

Financial Services and Marketing.


Inspired Testing

Inspired Testing is a software development company with  a 15-year track record of custom software development projects. With this experience and expertise, Inspired Testing develops custom software applications for enterprise, web, desktop and mobile platforms.

Inspired Testing Company information:

Established in 1999.

Inspired Testing Company location:

London – Cannon Green 1st Floor, 27 Bush Lane, London.

Inspired Testing Company services:

Mobile app development, web development, UX/UI design, software testing, DevOps, gile Transformation, data analytics & AI, Cloud services.

Inspired Testing Key industries:

Finance, insurance, healthcare, investment banking, online retail, telecommunications, real estate, education, vehicle and asset tracking, logistics, IT infrastructure management, legal, public sector, software development companies, media, legal

Contact Inspired Testing for more information about software development today.



With Heineken and Kwikfit as their clients, and HP Silver among the partners, Edgetesting is one of the UK’s fastest growing and largest independent software testing companies. It provides in demand services and the best marketing strategies and testing at an affordable cost.

Edgetesting Company information:

Established in 2017.

Edgetesting Company location:

Bellshill, North Lanarkshire: Willow House, Kestrel View, Strathclyde

Business Park, Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, ML4 3PB

Edgetesting Company services:

Software testing, quality assurance.

Edgetesting Key industries:

Engineering, Information technology.



With DELL, Autotrader and Land Rover among their clients and IBM among the partners, Eggplant is one of the top custom software development companies. They offer a unique Digital Automation Intelligence suite that monitors performance results.

Eggplant Company information:

Established in 2008.

Eggplant serves more than 650 enterprise customers in over 30 countries.

Eggplant Company location: 

UK (HQ) – Eggplant 6 Snow Hill, London EC1A 2AY, United Kingdom

Eggplant Company services:

QA Automation, GUI test automation.

Eggplant Key industries: 

Automotive, defence and aerospace.


Excellon Systems

Excuellon Systems provides quality software systems and offer software development to resolve business problems. Excellon is a Sage reseller and development partner.

Excuellon Systems Company information:

Established in 2013.

Excuellon Systems Company location:

Norfolk, GB

Excuellon Systems Company services:

Software Development, Project Management.

Excuellon Systems Key industries: 

Finance, Avionics.



Exposit is a software development company that specialises in services from initial analysis, conceptual evaluation to system maintenance. It has leading clients across the country, such as PetCare.

Exposit Company information:

Established in 2012.

Exposit Company location:

HQ – Hrodna, Hrodnenskaya: 2b, Popovicha str., Hrodna, Hrodnenskaya 230024

Exposit Company services:

Java, Python, PHP.

Exposit Key industries:

FinTech, Energy, Telecom.


Genisys Group

The Genisys Group is an IT services company that operates in three continents to provide globally distributed project delivery to companies worldwide. One of its biggest partners is IBM.

Genisys Group Company information:

Established in 1985.

Genisys Group Company location:

Basingstoke, Hampshire – Loddon Business Centre, Unit K, Roentgen Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8NG

Genisys Group Company services:

Cloud and data centre hosting, desktop and server virtualisation.

Genisys Group Key industries:

Media, Manufacturing.



iLAB is one of the worldwide leaders in software quality assurance. With partners such as Oracle Silver and Microsoft, iLAB has helped organisations with their software testing worldwide.

iLAB Company information:

Established in 1995.

iLAB Company location:

Indianapolis, Indiana – 111 Monument Circle, Suite 882, Indianapolis

iLAB Company services:

Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance.

iLAB Key industries: 




With Partners like SAP and Oracle, it is no doubt that Infuse offers the best range of software delivery services. It has a special focus on technical testing, especially test automation and performance engineering to transform business processes.

Infuse Company information:

Established in 2002.

Infuse Company location:

London – Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE

Infuse Company services:

Software Testing, Test Automation.



Intuitus is an independent software company that provides expert technology and digital solutions to the private equity sector and mid-market companies.

Intuitus Company information:

Established in 2002.

Intuitus Company location:

Edinburgh, Midlothian – 1a Glenfinlas Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 6AQ

Intuitus Company services:

IT Strategy & Roadmap Development, Managed Interim Services.

Intuitus Key industries:

Manufacturing, Construction.



Ipqa is a modern test consultancy that focuses on modern software technology. It focuses on test analysis and test engineering.

Ipqa Company information:

Established in 2002.

Ipqa Company location:

Ipswich- Brightwell Barns, Ipswich, IP10 0BJ

Ipqa Company services: 

Software Test Consultancy, Software Test Recruitment.

Ipqa Key industries:

Not specified.



The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) Group is a leading provider of certification examinations all over the world that are supported by a global network of accredited training providers.

iSQI Company information:

Established in 2004.

Certifies IT professionals in over 90 countries on 6 continents in 10 languages with over 30 000 certifications per year.

iSQI Company location:

HQ – Potsdam, Brandenburg: Friedrich-Engels-Straße 24, Potsdam, Brandenburg 14473, De

iSQI Company services:

Project Management Certifications, Software Testing Certifications.

iSQI Key industries:

Software, Engineering, Architecture.


Jindal technology

Jindal is a leading IT test provider providing testing solutions to clients and software testing services. Jindal has a variety of websites as part of its portfolio.

Jindal Technology Company information:

Established in 2012.

Jindal Technology Company location:

London, United Kingdom

Jindal Technology Company services:

Software development, Web Design.

Jindal Technology Key industries:




With SolutionInc and Image Soft among their clients, LEAPWORK is one of the top custom software development companies for robotics. They use robotics and test automation as a tool in the modern workforce to improve collaboration and performance.

LEAPWORK Company information:

Established in 2015.

LEAPWORK Company location:

Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Nitivej 10, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen 2000, DENMARK

LEAPWORK Company services:

Test Automation, Automation.

LEAPWORK Key industries:

Medical, Automotive.



MagenTys helps companies design and test software by helping them establish DevOps capabilities and principles. Some of its clients include Specsavers and The Guardian.

MagenTys Company information:

Established in 2004.

MagenTys Company location:

London – Studio 12, 6-8 Cole Street, London, SE1 4YH

MagenTys Company services: 

Managed Services, Serverless, Testing, Open Source.

MagenTys Key industries:

Engineering, IT.



Maveric offers global banking and digital services across various platforms. The offer lead engagement approaches with their product implementation, integration and quality engineering services.

Maveric Company information:

Established in 2002.

Maveric Company location:

HQ – Chennai, Tamilnadu. LORDS TOWER Block 1, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Ekkatuthangal, Chennai

Maveric Company services:

Digital Development, Digital Transformation, Microservices.

Maveric Key industries:

Banking, insurance, telecommunications. Technology Services Technology Services uses information technology to recruit hundreds of the most capable engineers available across a wide range of skills and expertise. They have the ability to recruit the very best which helps to resource company projects. Technology Services Company information:

Established in 2002. Technology Services Company location: 

4 St Michael’s Close, Brinkworth, Wilts Technology Services Company services: 

Information technology. Technology Services Key industries:

Engineering, Finance.



Parasoft is a leader in software development testing that works with advanced analytics and reporting. Parasoft has partnerships with Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft Azure.

Parasoft Company information:

Established in 1987.

Parasoft has locations in the US, UK, Asia and India.

Parasoft Company location:

HQ – 101 E. Huntington Drive Monrovia, CA 91016, USA

Parasoft Company services:

Continuous Testing, Service Virtualization.

Parasoft Key industries:

Automotive, Medical devices, Financial.


Piccadilly Group

With clients from the Bank of Ireland and Barclays, Piccadilly provides specialist domain skills by the use of AI for effective technology across the financial industry.

Piccadilly Company information:

Established in 2010.

Piccadilly Company location:

London – 1 Fore Street, London, London EC2Y 9DT, GB

Piccadilly Company services:

Software Testing & Assurance.

Piccadilly Key industries: 



Precise Testing Solution

Precise Testing Solution delivers the best quality assurance and software testing solutions to clients. They use proven testing methodologies to optimize the quality of performance applications.

Precise Testing Solution Company information:

Established in 2001.

Precise Testing Solution Company location:

Noida, Utter Pradesh – D-385 Second Floor, Sector 10, Noida, Utter Pradesh.

Precise Testing Solution Company services:

Software Testing, Functional Testing.

Precise Testing Solution Key industries: 



Reshishwar Limited

Reshishwar Limited is a leading IT services company that provides business intelligence and e-commerce solutions. It also provides good offshore application development and support.

Reshishwar Limited Company information:

Established in 2013.

Reshishwar Limited Company location:

United Kingdom – Rishishwar Limited, Science and Technology Centre, University of Reading Whiteknights Road, RG6 6BZ

Reshishwar Limited Company services:

Business intelligence solutions.

Reshishwar Limited Key industries:

Not specified.


Scott Logic

Scott Logic has 250 UK based consultants, which collaborate with some of the world’s biggest enterprises to build the best software and provide insightful technological advice. Their clients include 7 out of the 10 biggest investment banks in the UK.

Scott Logic Company information:

Established in 2015, it has locations across the UK.

Scott Logic Company location: 

UK HQ – 1 St James’ Gate, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 4XF, GB

Scott Logic Company services:

Software testing, UX design.

Scott Logic Key industries:




SQS is a leading quality assurance company that works with a system of integrators and technology providers to provide leading technology solutions in the unpredictable IT environment. Some of its partners include Microsoft Partner and Hewlett Packard.

SQS Company information:

Established in 1982.

SQS has locations all over the world.

SQS Company location:

Germany HQ: SQS Software Quality Systems AG

Stollwerckstr. 1151149 Cologne

SQS Company services:

Software Quality, Test Automation.

SQS Key industries:

Financial, Telecoms, Automotive.



T&VS partnered with UK Trade and Investment to help companies in the computing industry improve their time to market and product quality. It has hardware verification and software testing services that establishes client offshore capability.

T&VS Company information:

Established in 2008.

T&VS Company location:

Bristol – SETsquared Business Acceleration Centre, Bristol, Bristol BS1 5UB, GB

T&VS Company services:

Verification, Offshoring.

T&VS Key industries:

Healthcare, Automotive.


Tech Testers

Tech Testers is a reliant recruitment and consultancy service. They are a leading provider in IT resources and specialist software testing solutions across a number of industries.

Tech Testers Company information:

Established in 2005.

Tech Testers Company location:

UK and European Head Office – 1st Floor, 4 Copthall Avenue, London

Tech Testers Company services:

Recruitment, consultancy.

Tech Testers Key industries:

Finance, Media, Retail.



Tricentis is a software development company that worked with high-profile clients such as Toyota and BMW, and they are partners with Oracle. It provides a continuous testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps.

Tricentis Company information:

Established in 2007.

Tricentis Company location:

Vienna – 1, Vienna, Vienna 1220

Tricentis Company services:

Software Testing, Test Automation, Mobile Testing.

Tricentis Key industries:



TSG Consulting

TSG Consulting is an assurance software testing organisation that delivers software that is appropriate for your business, not just software that works. They have top clients such as IBM and work closely with businesses to ensure increased quality with reduced cost and risk.

TSG Consulting Company information:

Established in 2002.

TSG Consulting Company location:

London – Dawson House, 5 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2EX, GB

TSG Consulting Company services:

Software Testing Strategies, Solution Assurance.

TSG Consulting Key industries:

Not specified.



Vision one is an award-winning market research company which uses the latest technology skills to ensure quality service to customers through insightful research. Their client list includes Marks & Spencer and Coca-Cola.

Vision one Company information:

Established in 1999.

Vision one Company location:

London HQ – 85-87 Bayham Street, London, NW1 0AG

Vision one Company services:

B2B, Branding, Communications and Media.

Vision one Key industries:

Housing, Holidays & Travel, Fashion.

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