The optimization of your website for search engines and submission to search engines and directories should stay your number one priority in 2011 for internet marketing. By researching keywords your ideal customers might be using in connection with your products or services and writing content based on these keywords, you can further increase traffic to your website.

Search engines love fresh and relevant content. Adding a blog to your website and writing regular articles is another way of adding fresh content on a regular basis.

Link Building

Link building is still the most effective way to increase your website’s popularity and with that your rankings in search engines search results. If you haven’t embarked on a link building campaign yet, start by exchanging links with other establishments and businesses. Our SEO packages, including article submissions to hundreds of article directories and blogs have also proven to establish a reputable amount of one-way links.

Google Adwords

Between 20 – 30% of visitors searching Google click on the first 3 adds, which are sponsored adds. That should be reason enough to convince you that Google Adwords are able to get you more targeted traffic.

Google Places

Google has changed a lot of things recently, but three of the most obvious changes are the introduction of Google Instant, Google Preview, and the fact that Google is promoting Google Places listings more, spreading them throughout organic search results. In some cases, we have seen over 100 visits per week to some businesses on Google Places listing. You can also post news on your Google Places listing and offer visitors one or more discount coupons. With that, we believe your business listing on Google Places should receive as much attention as your best directory listings.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation ensures that all the efforts spend on getting visitors to your site will pay off by turning lookers into buyers. Landing pages that are linked to your Google or other online ads provide increased conversion rates by putting the call to action in front of the potential customer.

Deliver on your bold promise

Now that you went through all the effort to attract your ideal guests, it’s time to deliver on your bold promise portrayed on all your marketing material. Now you need to “wow” them with your service and experience, making sure that your guest’s stay will become a memory of a lifetime for all the good reasons. All your marketing efforts boil down to the one chance you have while your guests are staying with you, thus every single person involved in creating this experience is part of your marketing team.


Your reviews are everywhere and it is hard to hide them. The best method of ensuring that you are getting positive reviews is by managing your customers expectations. Rather under-promise and over-deliver and make sure your product images and service descriptions are detailed and 100% accurate.

Social Media

While Social Media made everything more dynamic and less controllable, it is very important that you, if you haven’t done so in the past, start embracing social media. Are you on Facebook? Do you ask your customers to ‘like’ you on Facebook ? There are incredible opportunities for your company to stay in touch with your customers and let them share their experience with their family and friends. Your customers are your #1 ambassadors of your company, they share their experience with their friends and family and influence who will and who will not be your next customer. Social Media offers them the tools to share their experience and you the opportunity to provide them with the right “marketing material”. You don’t need to be a computer geek to start embracing social media, come along with us on this exciting journey to learn more about social media and how to integrate a strategy that can benefit you.

E-mail Newsletters

A regular e-mail newsletter sent out two to four times per year to your existing client base is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and to maintain top of mind awareness Wouldn’t a good friend of yours be happy to hear from you from time to time? Wouldn’t a great special or an upcoming event be a reason to come back? Wouldn’t it help to remember your name if next time a friend asks them for their recommendation on where to buy…? Well, we know it would.

During the recession and the past months, it has become very clear that those companies with a high percentage of repeat and referred visitors have been able to sustain good sales levels. With so much choice and extremely competitive pricing, a customer who has been referred to you will not browse the internet ending up at your competitors door step.

We thank you for reading and hope you could pick up the one or other idea for 2011 – We look forward to working with you in 2011.

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