Social Media Marketing (SMM) is used to increase the visibility of your brand, services and products.  It is all about the interaction with people that could be interested in anything that your company has to offer.

Social Media with the right Social Media Optimization (SMO) can increase targeted traffic to your website or blog through links and you can get better search engine rankings through it as well.

Planning is the most import rule before venturing on a Social Media Marketing campaign.  What is your objectives?  Who do you want to reach?  How will things be different after your Social Media Marketing campaign?

Find below a couple of tips that will help you with your Social Media Marketing campaign.


What will be your purpose with it? What do you want to accomplish?  Do you only want inbound links?  Subscribers to your newsletter?  Improve your brand awareness? Always settle for one primary purpose and 2-3 secondary ones. You can set measurable goals for your purposes and objectives.

Your Audience

Who do you want to broadcast your message to? What interests your targeted customers? Where do they spend their time discussing, learning and reading online? Research who you will be targeting.

Which Tools

Research the tools you will be using.  Will you just be using blogs or forums? Are you only going to target selective social networks? Are answers being searched on LinkedIn or Facebook? These locations are usually the place where you will want to start your Social Media Marketing campaign.


Participate actively via social media and become part of the community.  The amount of influence you exert will be based on how actively you join in the conversations and contribute. Join in on forum discussions, comment on blogs, follow and Tweet on Twitter and be active using social networking.  Why not create your own blog and create your own community?


Listening is a must for Social Media Marketing.  Use Google Alerts or other paid tools to track your brand mentions, social media awareness, blog conversations or Tweets. If your goal is purely for search engine optimization, monitor your rankings and links.

To be successfull with Social Media and to increase your brand awareness takes time and planning.  Treat your Social Media Marketing campaign exactly the same as you would any other marketing campaign.

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