It’s no secret that social media is the perfect platform for smart businesses that want to get great returns while sticking to a relatively limited marketing budget, but how exactly should you go about expending your efforts?

Social media marketing is tricky in that there are many different platforms to choose from and coming up with content for every single one will just suck up all of your time and probably cause you to burn out and throw in the towel after only a couple of months. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way at all.

Here are our tips for starting your business out on social media:

  • Limit yourself. You only have so many hours in a day, many of which you need to spend running your business. For this reason, you should start off small with a set of manageable goals. Try for two social media platforms – we recommend Facebook and Twitter – and read up on how they can work for your business. Sign up to accounts in your company name and start playing around with what you can do. After a month or so of managing these two, you can always expand.
  • Structure your content. A good idea is to sit down and think about your business, what it offers, what makes it different from its competitors and so on. Write out a monthly calendar and map out topics for different weeks so you know what you’re going to write on and when. This will prevent you from running out of ideas and will also help you create a cohesive strategy.
  • Share your company. Social media loves storytelling! If your business has a unique, interesting or funny story behind it, then social media is exactly the space to share it. Talk to your consumers about how your business started, where you’d like to be heading and, above all, introduce yourself and put a human face out there to represent your business.
  • Keep up with communication. If you get a message or someone writes on your wall, it’s important that you respond to them and communicate effectively. Thank people for positive comments, solve their issues and give them feedback and you’ll be building a positive customer relationship in no time!

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