Social Media marketing is central to any digital marketing effort, and so it follows that growing your Facebook network and increasing the number of people who follow you on Twitter is essential to the success of your digital marketing campaign. Do this and all the other digital marketing techniques and platforms you use in your campaign will offer up ROI the way daisies pop up in the Karoo after it rains.

Following are just some of the things you can do to grow your social media networks.

Increase your Facebook reach

  • Inspire people to share your content by making it fun, interesting and engaging. Ideal methods for this include images, text in meme format, videos, giveaways and competitions. (PS – announce competition winners too – it helps build trust.)
  • If you can do ‘seriously cute’ or ‘seriously funny’ – do it. Those kinds of posts get millions of views. Few people share serious or important stuff. You don’t need to have kittens and babies headbanging to Metallica in their car seats, but if it makes you go ‘aaaw’ or laugh out loud, it will get shared – a lot.
  • People also love ‘aaahah’ moments, so if you can do ‘clever’ or ‘enlightening’, do that too. Try to keep it original though.
  • Don’t post five times a day.  If you spam people’s feeds they will un-follow you, and that’s damage you might never undo.
  • Use plugins on your website that allow people to Like and Share your content – where they found it and without having to visit Facebook to paste a URL.

Get more followers on Twitter

  • Tweet regularly and often. Because they are short and can be read in microseconds, Tweets aren’t as invasive as constant Facebook Page updates that fill up your news feed to the exclusion of other posts.
  • Make your tweets more visible outside of your community of followers by referencing popular topics through hashtags.
  • Follow ‘Influencers’ (famous people or people and businesses with large followings) and re-tweet their tweets – with @mentions (signifying your re-tweet).
  • Start conversations…and then keep them going.
  • Make sure your tweets are meaningful and will inspire other to re-tweet them and ‘co-opt’ more followers.

In both cases, you can learn a lot by ‘winging it’, but you also risk losing followers in the process. A best practice for all attempts to grow networks and get more followers is to design a campaign and have a strategy from the start. A next best practice is to implement your strategy with constant attention to Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics metrics and be ready to adjust your posts and tweets accordingly.

If that sound like a lot of work, it’s because it is – if you tried to do it on your own.

Contact us at WSI OMS to devise and manage a digital marketing campaign incorporating social media content and strategies. We’ll grow your networks and your customer base while you get on with running your business.

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