When writing copy for Search Engine Optimisation, many people still underestimate the level of consideration which goes into a successful online marketing campaign. There are specific aspects you will need to take into consideration, and doing so will ensure you tap maximum benefit out of your writing and achieve more impactful and successful SEO marketing copy.

SEO writing tip 1 – Write for the right audience

As an SEO copywriter, your first obligation is to your readers, contrary to popular belief. Your main audience is the exact visitors you are ultimately trying to attract to your site, and not Google. In order for your copy to augment your online marketing (link to http://www.wsioms.co.za/index.php/services/search-engine-optimization/website-optimization/) campaign with regards to bookmarks, high ranking search results and backlinks, you will need to achieve the correct balance between your human audience and writing search engine friendly copy.

SEO writing tip 2 – Your entire campaign’s victory rests on this

If you take the time to write insightful, well-constructed and keyword rich copy, but target the wrong keywords your entire online marketing campaign will fall flat on its face. You will have wasted all your time while your site still dwindles in the low ranks with no relevant or convertible traffic coming its way. There are fantastic tools at your disposal which will help you research which keywords to target – these tools include Google’s AdWords and WordStream, to name but only a few.

SEO writing tip 3 – Keyword density

The last thing you want to do is anger Google’s feisty crawlers, or spiders as they are commonly known. And one of the best ways of putting them off is to stuff your content with too many keywords. This is certainly tantamount to spamming where Google is concerned, and that is the equivalent to the kiss of death in SEO realms. Accurate keyword density should be calculated at about 3 – 10%, and once again there are fantastic tools available to help you along the way.

Following these simple tips will help you gain the most benefit out of your SEO copywriting, and help you pull off successful online marketing campaigns time and again.