This post is written as part of our social media managers course exercise, so it may not be totally complete.

As a trainer one is always worried about how delegates in a course will take to your training style. Some of a trainer’s fears are:

  1. Delegates don’t contribute their ideas to the class
  2. People arrive late and put pressure on completing all the topics
  3. Delegates not understanding the trainer if English is not their first language

1) Planning your successful course

Planning is key to everyone enjoying the course and the things that I prepare for are:

  • Create an event hashtag so everyone can participate in the conversation
  • Prepare tweets in advance to co-inside with slide topics to help students in topics to retweet

2) The layout of the room

The layout of the room is very important. Sometimes round tables work well but in our case the view of slides was obstructed.

Changing to a U-shape helped with class interaction

3) The food for lunch

Providing a good lunch can add to the enjoyment of the day. Good food makes one feel satisfied that they have got their money’s worth from a course

This is what I think is important to the start of a successful course. Off course it goes without saying that training materials and slides should be of good quality.

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