Despite popular belief, a content marketer’s work is not done after the sale has been closed – it is only just beginning. Content marketing is not only about drawing the customer in and keeping their attention and interest long enough to complete a sale, it’s about grabbing the consumer’s attention, providing a great first time buying experience and then working hard to ensure their continued experience with the business and its brand/products is just as intriguing and phenomenal.

Below are three post-sale content marketing strategies which can help you to achieve this:

  • Ensure the product/sale is kept and used – once a customer has bought a product there is no guarantee they like it or enjoy using it. Products that sit on the shelf unused are merely a reminder not to purchase those products again and if the customer is unhappy, the cost of returns could affect your profits. How do you remedy this? By providing actionable content that offers the consumer helpful advice on how to use and enjoy the product and how to overcome any difficulties or problems they might encounter. Send follow up emails to clients to see how they are enjoying the product and provide links to “how to” content and similar.
  • Be sure to retain the customer – once a customer has bought from you for the first time, you are in the perfect position to retain them. You cannot forget about your new customer and just assume they will purchase from you in the future – you have to keep presenting them with reasons to support your business and brand. Encourage customers to return by sending out follow up emails to enquire about the product they have purchased and provide them with information on how to get the best out of it. Email marketing and social media can be used to get customers to rate both products and services and you can even offer various specials for those who are repeat customers. Loyalty programmes are a great way to get customers coming back for more.
  • Get your customers sharing – once a customer has bought your product you can get them to share content that you have created via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Offering incentives for sharing information is a good way to spur this on. Perhaps discounts for successful referrals, or vouchers and giveaways as an incentive. The most effective way to obtain a greater reach however, is to have your customers so happy with their purchase that they create content about it themselves and act as a walking endorsement. You can do this by creating opportunities for your customers to share their experience with your product, with others. You can also encourage reviews and ratings from customers on the products they have bought from you. Consumers love to hear about products and services from reliable sources (family and friends), so provide the opportunity for Foursquare check-ins. Great product review sites to encourage your consumers to use include Buzzillions and Epinions.

Leverage your existing content marketing with the help of WSI

At WSI we can assist you to leverage your existing content marketing to create high quality content that spurs on the next cycle of the customer’s buying experience.

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