Whether you’re in the social media industry, the financial sector or run a chain of franchises – most people agree that things work a bit differently these days. People are constantly on the move, working from home, replying to e-mails on-the-go and global teams are becoming the norm.

If this sounds anything like your business (or the direction your business is heading), you will soon need to start streamlining your business. Here are a few must-have apps that you should start using now:


How often do you sit in a meeting and wish you could access a document, file, proposal or other folder on your computer? Dropbox is a virtual storage space that lets you store your documents and files (securely) online. The best part is that it’s available for Blackberry, Kindle, Android, iPhone and even your Kindle. Sign up for an account and start enjoying this type of access and mobility on-the-go.

Quickbooks Mobile

Everyone from consultants to sales reps can benefit from Quickbooks Mobile. Instead of keeping notes about your appointments and billing people when you get back at night, you can now keep track of your billable hours and expenses while you’re on the go. You can also view invoices and create new invoices on the fly, saving you time and a lot of after-hour admin.


We’re in the social media industry so we love new social apps that help us streamline our and manage day-to-day tasks. This nifty app lets you stay on top of multiple accounts (even if you’re not updating them yourself) and it also sends alerts if your brand gets mentioned on Twitter. If you have brands that constantly get mentions from the same people, you can even change the setting so that they’re muted out.

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