You might think that copywriting is just about writing, but while the ability to create meaningful content is a key component of being a copywriter, there are a few other necessary components that all need to come together in order to create a successful copywriting strategy. There are many elements to take into account as a copywriter, such as which platforms you’ll be using, the audience you’ll be speaking to, what the competition is doing and more.

Creating a successful copywriting strategy includes:

  • Listening to what your audience is saying and monitoring feedback. Whether it is comments on your blog posts, Facebook comments, tweets, or some other form of communication, it’s absolutely necessary to take feedback into account. If you’re posting content that isn’t resonating with your audience or creating content that isn’t relevant to their likes, interests and needs, you run the risk of them losing interest in what you have to say.
  • Have a plan in case of crisis. Don’t wait for disaster to strike in order to write a statement that can be issued to the public. If you wait until the heat of the moment, you may be unable to coherently explain what it is you want to say and you run the risk of coming across as uncaring. It’s better to be fully prepared – compose statements ahead of time that are available to be released during a company crisis.
  • Understanding which types of messages work best on each social media platform. What works best on Twitter doesn’t necessarily work best on Facebook, and so your copywriting strategy needs to be tailored to each platform you use. For this reason, you wouldn’t post an entire press release as a Facebook post or as a tweet. This means that you need to make use of different copywriting techniques for each platform you choose to use in order to get your message across successfully.

At WSI we have a team of professional copywriters who can create meaningful, targeted content for your website, social media sites, or for a variety of other business purposes. To learn more about our copywriting services, contact us today!

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