Web design can be a daunting task, which is why so many people get frustrated and end up with a website that is poorly designed, not user-friendly, or with old, outdated content. You should think of your website as your most valuable piece of real estate – with millions of potential customers surfing the web each and every day, the potential to reach new customers is endless but the competition is fierce. If your website doesn’t cut through the clutter and through the competition, it isn’t performing as well as it could.

There are many web design mistakes people make, including:

  • Leaving old or outdated content posted on the site. If someone visits your website and sees a blog post or a company update from three months ago, it might make them think you’ve either gone out of business or that you neglect your site. Old content also negatively affects your Google ranking, which is why it’s important to keep it fresh and current!
  • Making contact information difficult to find. Sometimes people just want your businesses’ phone number and if they have to click around to many different pages in order to find it, they’ll get frustrated and leave. Your complete business contact information – address, e-mails and phone numbers – should be clearly visible and easy to find.
  • Poor navigation tools. Each page of your site should be dedicated to a specific aspect of your business. Don’t try to crowd too much information on one page and ensure each page is clearly labeled and easy to get to.

At WSI our web design team specialises in creating high-performing websites using search engine optimisation, analytics and a variety of digital media marketing tools. Your website is your most valuable piece of real estate and investing in professional web design is an excellent way to re-vamp your website and give it the boost it needs.

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