Web design has become an increasingly important and popular service employed by all kinds of businesses and organizations since the internet boom. As a web designer it is important that you are aware of the types of questions web designers need to be asking, and what factors should be considered when making design decisions.

Here are a few common considerations that web designers must take into account:

  • Content: too much or too little? One of the questions that web designers struggle with is how much content to put on the sites they design. Bear in mind that your website serves a particular purpose – and the content added needs to be in line with this. Adding too much content could distract the user from the key message the website is trying to convey or confuse them with too much information. Too little content however might render the site useless and unsuccessful. Therefore it is important to be mindful of how much content you are adding to the site, determined by what role the site is playing and what function it is supposed to perform.
  • Use of graphics and animations: While it is important to attract people to your site and retain their attention when they get there by using graphics and animations, these should not overwhelm the user or detract from other important parts of the site. Often one large or significant graphic or animation is sufficient to draw the user’s attention, while too many will make the site look over-busy and difficult to navigate through. Once again you need to keep the purpose of the site firmly in mind as it will help you determine what kinds of graphics are needed and what role they should play in the site. One of the most successful uses of graphics and animations is the use of company mascots which already exist on their logos or as part of their brand identities (think of how well this works for Firefox). The rest of the site’s graphics, layout and colour scheme can then take its cue from these figures which are already established in the user’s mind.
  • Maintenance and updating:  All web designers should keep in mind the maintenance and updating requirements of a site when designing them. It is helpful to know who will be maintaining and updating the content of the site after it has been designed. If it is an IT professional then the designer can be confident that they will be able to understand the content management system. If it is a small business run by the owner however, the designer needs to be aware that the person updating the site may not be technologically capable of dealing with more sophisticated systems. The site therefore needs to be designed accordingly.

By keeping these considerations in mind during all the steps of the web design process, you are more likely to succeed as a web designer and keep your clients happy and coming back!

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