Ever wondered what goes into pulling off a successful website? One answer to this question can be found in the website design. I’m not talking about a unique success recipe that works for a specific brand and audience. I’m talking about the accepted principles, or rules if you will, that professional web designers adhere to.

Although it may seem strange to think that web designers have to adhere to certain criteria in order to pull off a successful website, there is reason to this madness. If these basic principles weren’t there and weren’t adhered to, then there would be no uniformity across the web and SEO would be impossible to pull off in practice. Here are a few things that the most successful websites have in common:

  • User friendly websites: You simply cannot escape good web design. User friendly sites and pages that load fast all contribute to the ultimate user experience. Your website’s coding and design will play a huge role in this.
  • Good navigation: Navigation on the site is what gets the users to click around on the pages as well as through the website. You will see that most of the longer popular web pages all feature tables of contents by using anchor links to get users from A to B.
  • Keep images small: Small images help with the loading time of a web page. Users are inclined to become easily frustrated when pages take too long to load. A good web design approach is to create images that are appealing and inspire user interactivity.

Finally keep in mind that web design principles that are hot today could be outdated tomorrow due to a variety of factors, including new search algorithms. Taking this into account, I always advise people to rather contract a professional website design company to take care of the actual design of their sites.

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