There are a few things that all web designers need to keep in mind when designing a website. Here are the top principals of good web design:


Typography is tricky at the best of times. It is already hard designing type for a print design, but the web is a whole different ball game. The typography of the site needs to flow nicely with the rest of the overall design and you may spend a good deal of time on the typography only to have the user’s computer not support the font. When it comes to typography, it’s important to implement fail-safe’s so that if the font isn’t support, a fall back font is used that works with the rest of the page just as well.

Empty space

The spaces you leave open should be open for a good reason. Do they create a sense of open space? Do they add to the overall web design? Some elements of the page can be made to stand out more with a bit of white space around them.


Colour is crucial to the design of the website. Whether you’re working with a logo, a corporate identity, or a themed site, make sure that the colours used are in harmony with what the organisation or person is trying to convey. A creative person’s portfolio site should use colours that say “creative”, whereas something more corporate needs to be smart, in greys and blues. Make use of a colour palette generator to help you with this.


The images of the site need to tie into the design and be of the best possible quality without being so large that the site takes forever to load. Having the images on hand at the start of the design process is crucial for coming up with the overall look and feel, as well as the colour palette.

These are some of the top principals of designing a website. Remember to keep these in mind during the whole design process to ensure a site that is professional, slick and visually pleasing.

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