For an effective digital marketing campaign, you need to incorporate not only a fantastic website, but also mobile marketing strategies and social media such as Facebook. Using web analytics, you can effectively incorporate all of these areas of digital marketing to create a strategy that will turn into real results. Want to measure the success of a Facebook campaign as part of this strategy? Read on to find out how web analytics can help you measure success.

Using web analytics for a successful Facebook campaign 

Facebook is something that cannot be ignored when creating a digital marketing strategy. Social media is a powerful way to reach and interact with your target audience. But how do you know your strategy is effective? Here are some tips:

  • Use web analytics to establish who your target audience is.
    Facebook advertising is only effective when your ads are targeted correctly. Using web analytics tools, you can establish everything from the age group of your audience to their location. Use this information to set up your Facebook ads and reach those people directly.
  • Using this information, track success with Facebook Insights.
    All Facebook pages have an “Insights” section which shows you, as the page owner, how effectively your posts are reaching your audience. By using your knowledge of your target audience and what they prefer, you can make posts with this information in mind, and see how these posts are keeping your audience interested in your page. You can then also track the success of your Facebook ads based on the demographics you entered when setting up your campaign.
  • Refer back to your web analytics to see where clicks are coming from.
    After running your Facebook campaign for a while, you can check on your website’s analytics to see where the clicks to your site are coming from. This will show how many of the clicks were generated through Facebook. You can then track the success of your campaign.

Digital marketing is a must in this day and age. Contact WSI, specialists in the fields of marketing on the internet, using analytics, optimization, web design, social media and mobile marketing to create an effective campaign for your business.

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