When it comes to web design there are a couple of pitfalls you’d do well to avoid. So, if you are currently in the process of designing a website or you’re thinking of giving your current site a bit of a makeover, read on and take note of these ‘what not to dos’.

Before we start, however, it should be said that since design trends change constantly, it is always better to let professionals like WSI OMS help you design or revamp your websites. Because they can also help you with the webcopy,  give you the look and feel you want and they can make sure your website is search engine optimised too.

But, back to the ‘What Not To Dos’:

  1. Flash based websites are a bad idea. Google does not like them and neither do smartphones, tablets and even a lot of computers. What this means is that you should not have your website created on either CSS or HTML 4 platforms. The platform you want is HTML 5. This will make your website run like an app and will make all elements of your website easily accessible on all devices.
  2. Stay away from too much text. Tell your story and introduce your products and/or services using videos and pictures. People have neither the time nor inclination to read large volumes of text. Visual content also acts as a great attention grabber.
  3. Don’t just assume your website is easy to navigate. Conduct extensive usability tests before you launch it. A slow running site will quickly send people to the site of your competitors. Rather delay the launch by a few days and make sure the site runs smoothly.
  4. Don’t let people look for the ‘contact us’ icon or link. Have one on every page. Furthermore, don’t make them fill in long forms. Rather just give them an email link.

For more information contact us today, because when it comes to all things web design we are the professionals you need.

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