When it comes to website development, we’ve been around the blocks a few times. While every designer knows how important it is to get a proper brief from a client, there are quite a few things that need to be established before the developers of the website can start coding.

In order to make sure the website meets the needs of the clients and that everyone’s on the same page about what needs to happen, follow this step-by-step process when meeting with your client and the rest of the web development team:

  • Set out the objectives of the website
  • Get everyone to agree on the scope of the work in writing. This scope should include timelines, who owns (and will be hosting) the website as well as the budget. Make sure the budget can be changed if the client decides to include extra features during the development phase.
  • The website designers should ideally create a mock-up of what the home page should look like. Simple things like logo placement, corporate colours and calls to action need to be agreed upon before the website is developed.
  • Create a site-map. This wireframe will include all the main navigation buttons, tabs and features that the website needs to offer.

If you want to remove unnecessary re-dos and back-and-forth meetings about simple things like the font or the basic look and feel of the website, it’s important to have inclusive brainstorming sessions with the client right from the get-go.

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