The job of the web designer has become one of the most sought after by businesses and companies in all industries. There is an increasing need for businesses and companies to have good and functional websites. And that’s where the web designer fits in. Web designers help create the online identity of a business or company. However, web design is a general term used to describe the work that goes into creating a website. There are many aspects to web design, thus there are many different web design careers to choose from. These include:

  • Web Developer
  • Online Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Java/Java script Developer
  • Widget Developer

Character traits of good web designers

A web designer’s job is ultimately to create an online platform for communication between a business and its clients. To be a good web designer you need to be able to do more than just design pretty websites. Here are few things to look for in a good web designer:

  • Technical skill: A good web designer has a working knowledge of programming languages and is able to design and set up a website.
  • Artistic flair: A background in graphic design and an eye for art will stand you in good stead to being a successful web designer.
  • Good business skills: A good web designer needs is able to understand how the business works and be able to interpret that into an online message.
  • Communication skills: Being able to communicate effectively with other people is essential as web designers mostly work as part of a team.