With literally dozens of photo-sharing sites available today, which ones will stand out in 2014 and offer you the best social media investment? With so many sites available, one only needs to look at the excitement among users online to determine the viability and popularity of the sites that stand out from the crowd.

There are many photo-sharing websites that are making a buzz online, so let’s look at the top photo-sharing social media sites that will take your business to new levels in 2014:

  • DeviantArt.

While this site is not exclusively a photo-sharing site but also acts as an online portfolio site, there are as many animators, illustrators, graphic designers and cartoonists on this site as there are photographers. It is a great online professional artist community designed to let users improve upon and profit from their art.

  • Flickr.

Flickr remains one of the original pioneers of the minimalist AJAX interfaces. Its GUI continues to be one of the simplest, cleanest and easiest web services of any type of photo-sharing site available today. Its user-friendliness and robust privacy controls continue to make it one of the photo-sharing social media sites to watch out for in 2014.

  • Photobucket.

This site differs from other photo-sharing websites and services in that it places a far greater emphasis on sharing photos than curating it. It offers great tools for posting and reposting photos to other social networks, services and sites. This is a great site for social photographers and can be harnessed powerfully by business with the right strategy in place.

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