Everyone’s digital marketing strategies look different. Content marketing, however, should be a part of everyone’s strategy. While certain platforms (such as Instagram and Pinterest) work better with certain types of businesses and industry, virtually anyone can benefit from a solid content marketing plan. Here are the top four reasons to invest in content marketing:

  1. Drive new leads

While PPC can give you immediate results, the ads disappear once your daily budget runs out. When you create blog post and articles, those remain online forever, giving you the ability to pay a once-off sum (either the time spent writing the blog post or the money invested in paying a copywriter to do it) and continue benefitting from the new visitors and leads it brings in.

  1. Build relationships and trust

You’re not a reputable company unless the internet says you are. If somebody Google’s your brand’s name or your name – what will they see? If they come across a website, a blog, active social media accounts and other content about you, they will be able to trust what you are saying and consider buying from you.

  1. Be a part of the buyers journey

According to Hubspot, customers now spend 70% of the buyers journey educating themselves instead of talking to sales people. This figure alone shows that you need to invest in content instead of sales people in order to reach your customers.

  1. Increase customer satisfaction

Research company Gallup surveyed a million businesses and came to the following conclusion: in order to create customer satisfaction, you need to give customers advice. Giving relevant advice was cited as the most important factor in creating high customer satisfaction.

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