Digital marketing continues to change at a rapid pace. Some interesting statistics to kick-off this train of thought: many businesses are doubling their social media marketing spend; 50% of companies have content marketing strategies and email with sharing buttons increasing click through rates by over 150%.

Sticking to your tried and tested internet marketing campaigns will no longer get you very far. Here are a few digital marketing trends for 2016 to keep your eye on:

Search isn’t only about Google anymore

Facebook is testing out their own search engine, which will offer many businesses a number of opportunities when it comes to leveraging the power of social media. They will also be launching a Business on Messenger application which will enable customers to engage with businesses on Facebook’s messenger app.

Live video streaming

Most business owners and digital marketers know that videos can be powerful as this is among the most popular types of online content. Instead of focusing on creating videos for YouTube or your website, consider how your business can use live video streaming websites, such as Periscope, to engage with customers.

Personalised content

It’s time to make your content marketing campaigns more personal. You have different target audiences and brand personas buying from you. In order to ensure your target audience is highly engaged, you need to tailor your content towards different groups.

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