Making use of social media to promote your business is no longer something to consider, it is a necessity. Without a notable presence on social media platforms you will not be seen as a brand that cares about people beyond the realm of ‘customer’ and people are reluctant to trust brands they feel ‘only want to sell them things’.

If you want to inspire brand loyalty you have to show people that you want to interact with them – even if they are not customers. This you achieve by engaging with people on social media platforms and on the platforms they prefer. Therefore it’s important to keep a close eye on social media marketing trends and incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy. Here are three major trends to expect in 2014:

  1. Pinterest. This image sharing site is becoming increasingly more popular and gives businesses a space to create a virtual storefront for themselves. This is a more casual approach to displaying your products and/or services. People can also re-pin images they find on your pin-board to their own. And because Pinterest keeps track of where images come from, everyone who finds one of your images on someone else’s pin-board will be made aware of its origin and therefore, of your existence.
  2. Micro-videos. Thanks to programs like Vine and Instagram it is now possible to produce good quality 3 to 15 second videos. It goes without saying that videos should be utilised to tell your company’s story and the story behind your products and services. Making these videos short and sweet is the trend for 2014.
  3. LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkdIn account, make sure you have one by the start of 2014. This is the number one site for professionals and the best business-to-business marketing tool there is.

For more tips and trends, contact us now, because here at WSI OMS we know all there is to know about social media.

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