Online reputation management is all about building trust and authority online. Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, uploading videos or trying to push products into an online shopping cart – at one point or another, people are going to click back to your website (and eventually your About Us page) to check who you are and decide whether you’re a reputable company or not.

Your About Us page is a great way to convince website visitors that you are worthy of their business. In order to do this, you need to give people some insight into who’s behind the brand, company and website. While there’s no single secret to an effective About Us page, there are a few universal traits:

  • Say who you are, not what you do

If people are clicking on your website’s About Us page, they probably already have an idea of the line of work you are in. Instead of talking about your industry, products or services – tell people your company’s story. Forget about the sales pitch on this page, focus on what matters to your brand, how you deal with clients and what matters to your company.

  • Show off your staff

People love browsing through pictures (it’s one of the reasons Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are so successful). Show that there are real people running your customer support, sales, marketing and operational teams by posting photos with names, job titles and mini bios. A good idea is to post a video featuring your team at a company event.

  • Invest in professional copywriting

Many companies are more than willing to invest in professional copywriting for an ad campaign or press release, but they think their website copy can easily be done in-house. Hire a professional copywriter to spend some time on building your company’s About Us page so that it has the personality and flair it needs to adequately represent your brand online.

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