Every landing page should be a reflection of what you know about your customer and provide what they need to know to make a buying decision. Landing pages are companion pages to your ads but they are also valuable little tools that can make or break your online advertising success. This post presents the 6 rules of creating powerful landing pages

  1. Determine your customer goal – Determine the final action you want your visitor to take and make that the goal of the landing page. When you achieve this result you can deem your landing page campaign a success. If you are not clear with your goals then most of your visitors are likely to leave without taking any action.
  2. Make it consistent with the ad– Consistency will ensure that the customer knows they have found what they are looking for. You need to make sure that the ad and the landing page go together to create a cohesive message. If your message is inconsistent, the path to your goal will be lost.
  3. Present a professional design – Your landing page must equal or exceed the quality of your website. The fact that landing pages functions as a single ad doesn’t mean that visitors wont expect a well designed page with graphics.
  4. Don’t include extraneous links – with landing pages you need to carefully lay out the path that you need your visitors to take. Don’t throw everything on the page and hope that you will hit on something that interests them.
  5. Call for action – you know that anyone who visits your landing page is interested in your products or services since they had to click on your ad to get there. Make sure your visitors know what to do when they get on your website.
  6. Track your results – To determine if your pay per click campaign is cost effective, you will want to measure your results. There are two most important statistics to track; the conversion rate & the marketing cost per sale.
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