Typography is a key element of web design. The font you choose and colour that you use for your text is almost like the packaging of the content that you share on your website. Ideally, the typography n your website should enhance your content, while reinforcing your brand. It is also essential that your typography makes it easy for people to find their way around your site and read your content.

While typography can easily be overlooked by people that do not come from a design background, typography plays a big role in determining the look and feel of your website. It is therefore a crucial part of your design that needs careful consideration.

Setting your design tone 

Typography can be thought of as a visual form of tone – the fonts and colours you chose will set the tone for your website. For example, you can choose playful fonts with intricate strokes or serious fonts that are simple in design. The choices you make will depend on the look and feel you want for your company’s website. A retro inspired font will look out of place on a financial service provider’s website. You should me sure to choose a font type that fits within your line of business, whether it is formal or informal. Whatever font you decide to go with, it is essential that the font is easy to read.

If you already have an established brand identity, your website should use the colours associated with your brand. This helps to reinforce your brand’s identity and also ensures consistency, which helps build trust in your brand.

While images are important elements of design, they are not essential for a website. That’s right; you can have a fantastic and interesting design without the use of images. Even if you do use images, typography is one of the biggest elements of your design, so you shouldn’t overlook this.

Make sure you use typography effectively on your web site. Contact WSI OMS to find out more about web design today.

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