A trend that is appearing certainly seems to point towards social media that uses a far more visual approach such as the image-driven social network, Pinterest. Another is Facebook’s Timeline and of course Twitter is gathering a lot more pictures being attached to its tweets. Brands without a strong visual identity, a clear visual vocabulary, and can be easily used for visual storytelling.

Basics revisited

Everyone needs a solid logo and corporate identity that spans across every single advertising medium. You also need to consider how your brand design fits online and with every aspect of your chosen social media platforms

Plan, Plan and Plan some more!

You need a social media strategy based on what it is you want to achieve from social media and you also need to know what and how your competitors are using it. Then and only then can you plan your strategy and turn it to YOUR competitive advantage.

Consistently creating interesting imagery to feed these sites that is fresh and involves telling a visual story to your audience. Bring in your creative agency early so that your story can all hang together. Create a visual calender of opportunity throughout the year and you will have visual impact across all of your communication channels. Plan the following:

  • What are you going to be pinning on Pinterest?
  • How can you use Facebook’s tools on timeline to its best advantage?
  • How do you use Instagram?
  • Capture telling moments and tell stories visually.
  • Capitalise on Event, Functions, Conferences and Training
  • Photography cannot be an afterthought and requires the most planning be it stills photography, video or PowerPoint slides.

YouTube, SlideShare and many others have been quietly (and not so quietly) growing in force and number of hits and provide a platform for corporate videos and presentations where you can encourage viewers to use and share your material whilst getting your brand message across.

The social Web is only getting more visual.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • People can scan pictures much quicker than they can scan thousands of words.
  • Content in the form of images helps us feed our customers and consumers our brand images

If you are ready and want to take the social media plunge contact us about social media training or the creation of a comprehensive strategy.