Content – such an integral part of social media. Without it, how could we connect with our potential customers, keep the interest going and drive traffic to our websites? Quite simply, you can’t. So what is the secret to creating and posting great content? In social media terms, great content is the content getting to the right person at the right time. You could be writing the most eloquent, witty, informative or valuable post, but if it fails to reach the target audience, it goes largely unnoticed.

So what is the secret to getting the right content? Knowing what to publish, when and where, is where it all begins. Once you have that valuable information, getting the content should be a bit easier.

Big brands often have strategies that can be applied to small business. Using the right platform can reach the right people at the right time. Starbucks recently posted a special offer on their Facebook page, for the next day. Their Facebook following of 34 million is considerably larger than their Twitter following of 3.8 million, so they used the platform that would reach more customers. The update was shared by almost 14 000 people and received 1 553 comments. By using Facebook rather than Twitter, Starbucks focused on the (right) platform where they were sure to get the most exposure, giving incentives to their followers to keep following the brand.

Posting at the right time is a biggie. Almost all research studies show that working hours (8am – 8pm) are the best time to tweet or post on Facebook. If you have followers in different time zones, post the same content at different intervals.

Infographics are popular as they show complex information quickly and clearly and are often easier to understand than pages of text. Good infographics are shared on Twitter and Facebook more often than other content online. They regularly go viral, so are a powerful marketing tool to illustrate your company’s products and services.

Lead generation cards, like the ones from Twitter are a clever approach. These cards make it easy for followers to show interest in your business or brand, without having to fill in forms. Sharing their email address with the business, allows them to expand the tweet, where they will see details of a special offer and call to action (a one-click process).

Some tips for your actual writing:

  • Use online writing tools to invigorate your writing style.
  • Include ‘Tips’ in your post – the keyword “tips” produces around 30.4 million global monthly searches.
  • Use hashtags to help your readers find your content; they make it easier to start a conversation than an email address.
  • Use a conversational tone to make your writing more engaging.
  • Question your readers, to promote comments – their suggestions could be very helpful.
  • Humour is an easy way to get a reaction from your followers.

Get help with your social media content from WSI

If you don’t have time to invest in creating the right content for the right customer at the right time, seek help from outside. Digital marketing specialists, like WSI, can help with content generation and other aspects of social media marketing. Contact them today to find out how their experience in this fast-paced field can benefit your business.

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