Want to make sure your content marketing strategy is a success? Then you need to understand your audience. Seth Godin famously defines the ideal customer as a person who wants your product and has the ability to pay for it.

Some of the most successful content marketing strategies zone in on only one subject or topic and focus on becoming the thought leaders, the ultimate go-to person, for information, advice and How To’s on the topic. Think of Copyblogger’s website – they focus on how to sell with copywriting, they don’t try to be seen as thought leaders in each and every aspect of digital marketing.

It’s common for companies to want to define their ideal customer too broadly, such as “everyone in the Southern hemisphere between the ages of 16 – 65.”  While this will allow you to create a lot of diverse content, you’re not going to be able to focus on a niche that really appears to a specific target group.

It’s important to remember that certain content gets good results in different communities. The most successful content marketing strategies are those that create content that gets shared by their followers. This is the best way to reach new people – by getting their existing social media connections to recommend your content.

The best way to find your ideal audience is to create different audience profiles. Map out exactly who they are (what industry are they in? what are their job titles and background?) and figure out what challenges and problems they face. Focus your content around helping them with these problems in order to create a winning content strategy.

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