Email marketing is an opportunity to form a virtual relationship with your existing and potential customers.  Promotional emails can take many forms, such as weekly newsletters, customer retention emails and sales promotion emails. Ultimately, the aim of promotional emails and the email marketing strategy is to convert email recipients to customers and create revenue.  But why are promotional emails important in marketing?

1. Email marketing is cost-effective

Emails are an efficient, cost-effective inbound marketing tool. They generally have a high return on investment (ROI) and are a great digital marketing tool for small businesses as they are relatively inexpensive to start and maintain. 

2. You can reach more mobile customers with email marketing

Most everyone has a mobile phone today, and many consumers read their emails on smartphones or tablets.  This makes email marketing an effective way to reach customers anywhere in the world.

3. Email marketing can be automated

Email marketing lends well to automation, and this improves the relevancy and timeliness of email marketing campaigns. A digital marketing agency can assist by identifying triggers and workflows that automatically send messages to customers when they take a certain action.

4. Email marketing content is easily personalised

Personalisation is becoming important to customers, and they like content that feels more personal and tailored to their needs and preferences. Even something as simple as using a customer’s name in the subject line can result in higher clickthrough rates.  

5. It is easy to make email marketing interactive

Customers love interactive content such as videos, graphics, music, or other multimedia. Including interactive content in the body of an email keeps consumers engaged, with a greater likelihood of them clicking on a link to access your business website. 

6. Email marketing results are easy to measure

Email marketing analytics allows you to see which users opened an email, if they clicked on any links or took a desired action.  It also allows you to see how many people unsubscribed, allowing you to adjust your email marketing strategy. 

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