There is no denying how much images affect the overall look of your website. If images are used and arranged properly on a site, they can enhance your site’s look and feel as well as the ideas you are trying to convey to the consumer. More importantly, you can use images to grab and keep the attention of site visitors.

Five reasons you should effectively use images in your site

  1. Images help you communicate with the potential customer better. The correct and effective use of images helps a web surfer to quickly understand your product/services and can turn a visitor into a customer. Images re-enforce brand awareness and strengthen your target market.
  2. If your site has images that are relevant to the content on your site, the customer will be drawn to them and will be encouraged to read more.
  3. Images can be used to enhance the design of your page. When images are used in a way that fits in with the purpose and style of your site, they will encourage browsing and further reading.
  4. Images can add more meaning to your content. Whether it is a blog post or an article, featuring an image to accompany it can help to add to the meaning of the content. Applied in a suitable proportion the image acts as a re-enforcer of the message of the article or blog. It gives depth and context to a description.
  5. Images can show the site visitor exactly what you are selling or offering. You can use images on your site to sell a lifestyle, and ideal or a product. If someone is reading about a particular product or service it helps a lot if they can see it on the page too so they can see what they’re reading about.

It is clearly beneficial for you and your site to include images in your web design. For more information about website imagery and web design services, contact WSI today!

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