In my experience, a blog marketing strategy can be one of the main points of your social media marketing campaign.  It adds a voice and emotion to your internet marketing strategy. Blogging is a powerful communication channel that you can use marketing purposes, but for larger companies, blogging can pose a serious risk to information security without the proper internal guidelines in place.

It is important that if you are using a blog as part of your internet marketing campaign to have a blogging policy that makes your employees aware of the risks and the things that cannot be discussed publicly on the company blog or on their own personal blogs. By not having a blogging policy in place allows your employees to cross the fine line even if they do not have the intention of publishing something in direct connection with your business.

What should you include a basic blogging policy?

Here’s a couple of points that you can include in the blogging policy for your business.

  • Unsolicited promotion of products or services.
  • Material that violates the privacy of our clients and employees.
  • Material that breaches the confidentiality of Onesys business information.
  • Profane, obscene, threatening, defamatory or slanderous language or imagery.
  • Material that infringes on intellectual property or publication rights.

 IBM Social Computing Guidelines

If you are still unsure of what you can add to your blogging policy, have a look at IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines. Find a short introduction below that they use.

Online collaboration platforms are fundamentally changing the way IBMers work and engage with each other, clients and partners.

IBM is increasingly exploring how online discourse through social computing can empower IBMers as global professionals, innovators and citizens. These individual interactions represent a new model: not mass communications, but masses of communicators. Through these interactions, IBM’s greatest asset–the expertise of its employees–can be shared with clients, shareholders, and the communities in which it operates.

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