Facebook has introduced many changes over the past few years which have left social media marketing experts reeling. Whilst it may seem as if Facebook is merely trying to make things difficult for marketers, that is not the case. The team is merely setting up parameters and limitations that assist marketers to obtain leads and data that are true and therefore useful.

Some recent changes include that of bait headlines or content that specifically requests likes and follows being penalised. Why is this useful to the modern marketer? It is useful because marketers will be tracking real interest and not just tallying up likes that have no real value to the business and its marketing strategy.

Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when thinking of the future of marketing on Facebook:

  • High quality and constant update of content is essential – we are competing with thousands of other content marketers and so you need to ensure your content is fresh, constantly changing and is of value to your audience.
  • Use interesting and engaging content to dominate newsfeeds – newsfeeds can be tricky and if you want your content noticed, make sure it is interesting and engages with your audience.
  • Get your fans to do the work – if you want your audience to grow exponentially, you will need to intrigue your audience’s friends. As soon as your audience starts sharing your content and interacting with you on Facebook, your audience will start to expand.

Facebook is promoting this type of marketing and if you alter your digital marketing campaign towards this approach your advertising efforts should soar.

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