A social media manager needs to wear many hats. They have to be somewhat tech aware, know your customers, have excellent writing skills and be aware of the overall strategy being used by your company. Here is a run-down on the key elements of a successful social media manager:

Be curious and find out more about your client

They have to want to know about the work everyone in the company is doing. Having the insight they will gain from knowing all this will give them content to write about, and a greater sense of what it is you do. They will be able to gather a mass of information that they can then distribute to your customers.


They should be able to write in a way that doesn’t make their readers feel as if they are being advertised to. The ideal situation is to open up conversation between your social media manager and your customers. Even better than that, between the customers themselves.

Be quick

Your social media manager must operate with a sense of urgency. The very nature of social media is one of immediate action. It is not a traditional style where you send off a carefully crafted press release when big events happen and walk away. Content must be updated regularly, and comments from customers should be replied to within a day at most. This kind of response will bring your customers closer to your business by helping them identify with a real person.

Know what type of information should be posted online

Confidentiality is a very important trait, or to put it another way, they should have some common sense for what should and should not be revealed. If your social media manager has the kind of access they need they will inevitably come across something they should not put out on the web for public knowledge. An effective social media manager will be aware of what these things are.

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