Copywriting for a website is strictly for marketing purposes. It is always about the company and what it can offer you from the first word to the last. This type of content is aimed at familiarising the reader with the company and keeping their attention on that one product or service. Copy for websites is written with a potential client in mind and with the aim of hooking this client.

A blog, on the other hand, is general information about a wider topic relating to the services or products the company offers. Blog content is usually filled with useful tips and techniques that relate the products and services the company offers. Blogs usually have a personal touch and although they don’t sell the product as much as website content, they establish a more personal connection with the reader.

How to write blog focused copy

  • Blog copy should be easy to scan and read

It is important to maintain scannability in blog posts because the reader is expecting an easy read that is not too heavy on the advertisements and has a light-hearted, personal writing style.

  • Blog posts have to be compelling

The reader wants something that will be engaging as well as informative. The helpful ‘How-to’ method of delivering blog writing is great because it demonstrates how he/she can benefit from the service or product in everyday life.

  • Blogs have to be effective and personal

Blog copywriting that is original and helpful helps companies gain exposure. When a reader sees that a large company actually cares and wants to help, they are more likely to trust in that company. A personal touch from the copywriter’s side can help achieve this and gain a loyal following.

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