One internet marketing buzzword that’s still spinning the rounds and has become quite popular in the last couple of months is content curation. Online you will find a couple of ┬ácontent curation tools that you can use that makes it easy for everyone to start with content curation. Are you using Google Reader or any other RSS reader and when you see something interested you share it with your network? That is also part of content curation. No doubt you have seen channels such as and and these content curation tools are easy to join and use to start curating content, but is joining this new buzz really worth it?

Most content curation tools allows you to select content that was published on a variety of websites to compile into one product. That product can be seen as a magazine ( and can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channel. Many of these content curation channels allows you to include visual elements such as photos, videos, text, and other content.

In my personal opinion, content curation is not the future of internet marketing, but it sure can be powerful if you utilize it correctly. It’s not actually a new internet marketing method. Are you reading content on a daily basis and sharing it with your network of followers? If you are, then you are already curating content in some way.

I’m a strong believer that digital publishing will be improving in the years to come, and when this happens, content curation will still be a hot topic. Maybe some day interactive digital magazines will be the same as print magazines helped traditional marketing, but until then, content curation online is a powerful way of getting valuable and magnetic content to your network that can also curate the content and share it along.