I just spent one of the most worthwhile days in a while, attending Willem Gous business canvas model workshop. We were a small group of 4 and the session was highly interactive.The business model canvas helped me come up with a number of scenarios of how I can improve my Social Selling training and align it more closely to my clients.

These were some of the points that I uncovered in the Business canvas proposition:

  • No more cold calling
  • Develop relationships with your clients
  • Sales can make their targets
  • Sales can become ‘Top of Mind” and be seen as thought leaders

Customer Relationships:

What came out here was the necessity to help sales build a habit or routine and follow a process to implement their learning. From experience I’ve met many people who have attended LinkedIn training and then attend my training as well. But I can see that they have not implemented anything that they would have learnt before. I wondered why that is?

So a weekly drip email campaign can help nudge sales to retain knowledge gained on the course by providing them with challenges to overcome.

Social Selling Value proposition canvas

Well it became very clear when we did the value proposition canvas as I had the perfect partner in working on this canvas, none other than Master Demartini Facilitator Ilze Alberts. Ilze Alberts was kind enough to share her thoughts of what a potential client would be thinking.

The points that we identified were:

  • Be assured that you were dealing with an expert in Social Selling
  • Work with someone who can consult and develop a specific LinkedIn marketing strategy on how to find and engage with your target market
  • Work with a supplier that can be a partner and complement the execution of the strategy with content planning and publishing

Ilze shared these insights with me and they were truly valuable.

I’d be interested to hear of any experiences from other social selling trainers, as this industry is one that must maintain credibility and generate measureable results. The Business Model Canvas Workshop is one such course and I recommend it to anybody interested in Social Selling.

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