Digital marketing is a rapidly growing and changing organism. As fast as the technology develops, so marketing practices and trends move with it. That means you need to keep an eye on the trends and grow too if you want to keep ahead. Here are some of the developments you should be keeping an eye on in the latter half of 2019.

Voice interaction has taken off in a big way

Why type an entry into a search engine and read the results when you can just talk to someone? Thanks to Siri and Alexa, consumers have got used to just asking their devices whatever they want to know. This is revolutionising the way that people search for information on the web, and thus also the way in which SEO is done. 

Up to this point, a search engine would return page after page of results on the basis of a typed enquiry. With voice interaction, only one or two search results are returned. That means far greater competition for the top spots in the search rankings. It also means that SEO now involves optimising body text, headlines and meta-descriptions for speech. 

Video is no longer an added extra, emails get personal

Video enables you to create branding content that is more easily accessible, often more engaging and has a more immediate impact on your audience. YouTube viewership grows all the time, making it an increasingly viable marketing platform. Granted, the costs of video production are greater than those of text-based communications, but there is often a tremendous payoff for that expenditure, with increased audiences and closer customer engagement. Videos used to be supplementary content. This is no longer the case – it is an essential and increasingly central part of your digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing is also evolving rapidly. Generic mailers used to be the norm but since they tend to fall through the cracks, end up in spam folders or simply get deleted by irritated recipients, the tendency is now to personalise email communication. In this case, emails are sent to customers in response to specific actions, such as browsing a particular product or completing a purchase. This personalised treatment tends to be more effective and is often the final call to action before a sale is made.   

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