Behavioural marketing can take a bit of research and legwork, but it’s well worth the effort. Below, we discuss just three of the many ways in which investigating the behaviour of your audience and altering your marketing accordingly can be extremely good for your business!

1. You Can Up-Sell Through Remarketing

This is possibly the easiest form of behavioural marketing! And, everyone from Amazon to your local online shoe retailer does it. Simply put, algorithms enable you to sell more to returning customers on the basis of their previous searches, views and purchases. The more they visit, the more you can refine your marketing communications, the easier their buying experience gets, and the more likely you are to make more sales.

2. Segmented Content = Marketing Precision

The more you get to know about your target audience, the more you can sharpen and refine your marketing approaches to each segment. In turn, these approaches are likely to be more effective and lead to more conversions because of the narrower scope. How you segment your market depends on the specifics of your business.

Consider the case of Orbitz, an online travel website that experimented with serving different content to its users on the basis of whether they were working from a Mac or PC. Mac users were served more expensive accommodation options in their searches, compared to the PC users. This was reportedly on the basis of research that showed that Mac users were, by and large, more affluent and tended to spend about 30% more on travel.

Controversial though this case may be, it presents some very interesting ideas as to how you can divide up your market. It could be along the lines of income or perhaps gender or location – the exact methodology depends on you.


3.Direct Resources into Audiences That Are More Likely to Convert

Segmenting your audience on behavioural lines can also help you to focus your marketing budget on those sections that are more likely to convert to a sale. Once you get an idea of which part of your audience is most likely to spend, you can then, for example, place higher bids on pop-up ads directed at them specifically, while downplaying or eliminating ad spend that targets other, less lucrative segments. This may lead to slightly higher outlay, to begin with. But, with the increase in ROI would be worth it.


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