The world of SEO can be intimidating to beginners, so we’ve gathered some of the best SEO services and keyword tools available. These tools are mostly free, easy to use and varied in their application, which means you can test them and decide what works best for your specific needs. These tools will help you to improve your local and organic SEO rankings by highlighting weaker areas and providing tips for how to refine your website. 

These Are the Best SEO Tools to Audit and Monitor Your Web

The list below consists of the different SEO services and activities you might want to undertake, as well as our recommendation for the top tool for each task. 

  • Our Favourite SEO Keyword Tool: Ahrefs

Possibly one of the most recommended SEO tools online, Ahrefs, comes in second to Google and is one of the largest website crawlers on the internet today.

  • Top Rated SEO Tool: Google Search Console

All that is needed to use this tool is proof of having your own website. And, best of all, it’s offered for free. It enables you to monitor and report on your website’s presence in Google’s search results.

  • Comparison and Assessment Tool: SEMRush

Your rankings, as well as any changes in them and also new ranking opportunities, are easily assessed using this tool. If it’s comparing your website to your competitors’ websites that interest you, then this is one of the most popular features SEMRush has to offer through simple domain versus domain analysis.

  • Master Your Keywords: KWFinder

Long-tail keywords usually have a low level of competition on webpages. The beauty of this tool is that it not only finds them, but that it also offers similar keywords to help improve your rankings further.

  • Get Your Questions Answered: Moz

If it’s an educated response to a question you might be asking then Moz is the right tool for you as it has a chat portal where you can ask any questions you might have in SEO related topics.

  • Understanding Keyword Performance: Ubersuggest

If you are interested in whether your keyword is worth targeting and just how competitive it is, Ubersuggest not only shows the top ranking SERPs for your keywords, but also the reasons for it. 

  • Free SEO Tools, the “All-Rounder”: Answer the Public

First of all, this tool is free. Secondly, it is a great way to come up with competitive content for your e-commerce blog or webpage surrounding a few specific keywords or phrases. 

  • Free SEO Tools, the “Tracker”: SpyFu

SpyFu is an extremely useful tool for tracking keywords. The SpyFu tool also indicates how many times the keywords are used in a month as well as how effective it is. 

New SEO tools and services are introduced regularly. So, use these recommendations to start your SEO journey. Please visit our website for more information on our SEO services

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