"Businesses want to make sure every penny produces results," says Jamie MacLeod a WSI Internet Marketing Consultant  "For that reason, more and more money is being allocated to Internet marketing because it’s measurable and has proven to increase ROI."

Out of all the choices available out of Internet marketing methods over the last year, the most effective ones that work establish credibility and trust (people only buy from companies that they trust) and directly target a specified and correct demographic for your product or service.


As advocated by Internet Marketing experts WSI , depends on how well a site is built, how many sites link back to your site, how much social media and buzz surrounds a domain, how fast a site loads and how unique and substantial a site’s content is and how fast its growing and changing.

The Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies of 2010:

1.   Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Web sites in the top of the search results are viewed as the leaders of their industry, and more than 80 percent of Web users click on the first listings. Good SEO will consistently deliver a huge return on investment.

2.   Keyword Research – Everything revolves around discovering what words and phrases your customers are searching for online.

3.   Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn – Social media marketing engages customers on a personal level, and can rapidly create buzz around a product, brand or business.  

4.   Video Marketing – This is becoming more important both on-site and off-site. Videos help convert Web site visitors into sales. In the universal search results, people tend to click on links with videos more than those without – even if the video link is ranked lower and you also can tap into the power of www.youtube.com  and www.tubemogel.com

5.   Online Public Relations – This builds credibility online, in the mainstream media and for potential customers. Online public relations providing you write it correctly for an on-line medium using relevant keywords can help create lots of buzz about your site through bloggers and industry sites, and can help boost organic SEO.

6.   Link Building – From the search engine’s point of view, a credible and popular site will have a lot of links pointing to it and will help with your rankings providing that you have a linking strategy in place, again WSI can assist and you can get more information on www.wsioms.co.za

7.   Blogging – Blogs provide additional site content (which search engines love), graphics and other viral content to disseminate information and tie in with social media. Blogs can build your credibility by establishing your site as the hub for industry information.

8.   Web Design, incorporating persuasion architecture – A good Web design will keep visitors on your site and sell them products or services. In the end, it all comes down to a site that is easy to navigate and has good persuasion architecture and in the end works for you.

9.   Paid Search Marketing – Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an extremely targeted tactical strategy using Google and Facebook with measurable, immediate results that can be reduced as your organic search improves.  

10.   Email Marketing – Nurture relationships and retain existing customers. It’s much easier to keep old customers than to get new ones. Send good offers and valuable information that’s customized to their needs.

Jamie maintains that "To have unparalleled success with your Internet marketing, you need a combination of all these strategies to drive traffic to your site, establish credibility of your brand and convert traffic into sales," 

WSI is an Internet Marketing Company that helps make its clients money by driving traffic to their websites through aggressive search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media marketing and blogging. WSI then turns those visitors into sales through conversion-focused Web design and development and copywriting. Clients range from small startups to large corporate companies. Follow WSI on WSI Simply Social for the latest Industry news.

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