In this digital era, content marketing is really an ace all online marketers need to have down to a tee as well as up their sleeve. When you are branching out into the digital world in an attempt to make a name, as well as following for yourself, the beginning phases can truthfully told, be some of the hardest. Trying to figure out exactly how you will be growing your subscriber list from zero to a good few tens of thousands of followers can really seem like an unmanageable goal for all new comers. However, it’s not if you set yourself realistic goals. Here are your first two steps to follow when starting out your brand new blog to grow your following.

Start out small and familiar

In order to grow your list, you need to begin branching out to those closest to you. Tell your friends, family co-workers, any person in your day to day circles about your online offering and request that they subscribe and begin to follow your posts.

Send them a personal email requesting that they take the time to go and check out your page and tell them why you think it would cater to their interests.

Networking and digital marketing go hand in hand

In your immediate circle of people whom you will be able to approach, you will realistically be looking at between 100 to 300 individuals on your various social network and day to day groups. And in a similar right, they too will have relatively similar numbers. Therefore, request that whomever you invite to your subscriber list begins networki8ng and sharing on your behalf. This will soon begin to grow your following and make you that one step closer to your goal.

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