If your website isn’t ranked that good on the search engines and you like it that way, then you have found the tips you have been looking for…”The BAD way to do search engine optimization“.

Many people and businesses put up a website without any consideration towards attracting targeted visitors from the search engines. If this is you, then you are most likely following one or more of these “BAD Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips”.

Please note that if you follow these tips, your precious website will have a negative impact on the search engines.

Bad SEO Tips

No Focus: Try to cover as many different and diverse topics as you can find to include on your website. You might want to combine a computer hardware website, a poetry company and a gardening business all on the same website. This will insure the search engines are confused about your core topic and objective.

Keywords: Create your own keywords and keyword phrases in a foreign language mixed with your own language instead of doing keyword research on phrases that are actually being searched for on the internet. Focus on only 1 keyword which is the most competitive and that also has the lowest conversion rate available.

Page naming: Always name the pages on your website with numbers instead of keywords and mix underscores mixed with hyphens between words.

Graphic only home page: Since the home page is most likely the most important page on your website, always put content on your images or substitute a welcome page that says “Enter Site”. Search engines doesn’t read the text on images but at least you will have full control of which font you can use.

Duplicate content: Copy content directly from other websites to trigger the search engine duplicate content penalties. Copying other people’s content is a risky business but you can get away with it – right?

META tags: Use keywords and terms like “about” and “home” in the title tag which is one of the most valuable META tags because it is visible. Always create duplicate META keywords and META descriptions so that they are the same across most of your pages.  Also, stuff your pages with dozens of keywords in your META keywords instead of only the ones that are related to that particular page.

Analytics: Never apply any tracking software to analyse any conversion happening on your website. You also don’t have to understand how visitors find your website and through which keywords. Never make regular changes based on any real world results.

If you follow these “BAD SEO tips”, you will make life easier for the rest of us that really wants to attract targeted visitors and to get business from our websites.