Social media marketing requires you to engage with your audience, which means you need to actively participate in online conversations. Social media posts are the conversation starters and are absolutely vital to your overall social media presence.

So how do you generate great social media posts? The writing thereof is of the utmost importance and should not be neglected or understated. If writing is not quite your niche, employing writing services is an excellent idea. However for the hopeful writers, here are 10 writing tips for social media posts:

  1. Craft posts that are worth sharing. This means your posts should be well-written and interesting enough for your followers to share the posts. It is also important that your posts are mobile friendly. Most people access the internet from their phones and if they cannot comfortably read your posts, it will be a futile post.
  1. You have to post with purpose. It is vital you keep your audience in mind and avoid straying from the most fundamental message/s you would like to convey.
  1. Headlines are imperative. Without a fantastic headline you will not be able to entice traffic to read your social media posts. Compelling headlines will result in more traffic, shares and building of your brand.
  1. Content is second to none. The amount of content you have will determine the amount of times the site is indexed which ultimately ranks you higher in search results.
  1. Long-tail keywords are useful. It allows for improved performance in search queries which is not based on exact keywords but also allows for related words.
  1. Create greater backlinks and get shared more by posting longer content. There is a connection between increased backlinks due to higher word counts. This increases SEO and therefore conversions.
  1. Give your posts due time. Longer posts should be given a day or two to age. Editing will in the end, fine tune your post.
  1. Use high-quality images. It is a huge visual contributor to your posts and should grab the attention of your audience.
  1. Repetition should be avoided. This is the reason why editing is crucial. You do not want to annoy your readers by repeating words, ideas and concepts.
  1. Don’t forget to add share social media buttons at the bottom of every post. The main idea is to reach as much online traffic as possible. So don’t forget to add all the necessary icons.

These writing tips can dramatically increase the quality of your social media posts and are worth keeping in mind when crafting your next exciting, social media post.

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