Just recently, LinkedIn updated its look which may have sparked you to overhaul your own LinkedIn profile.

  1. How often have you bumped into someone at a networking event, only to hear them say, after introductions have been made, “It is so nice to put a face to the name’. So start with a proper photograph of yourself. Make sure that you look professional in it – wearing appropriate dress, with a distraction-free background, and an approachable facial expression.
  2. Be thorough when completing your profile. Statistics from LinkedIn reveal that members with 100% complete profiles get 46% more profile page views than those who do not.
  3. Pay particular attention to your summary section as this is where you truly connect (or not) with others.
  4. Liberally (but naturally) use relevant keywords throughout your profile to be found by the LinkedIn search algorithm. Include them in your summary, your experience, and your title.
  5. To boost your credibility as an expert in your industry, publish some content on LinkedIn. Generate interest by uploading PDFs, Slideshare presentations, and videos.
  6. Join LinkedIn groups to connect with relevant influencers. To avoid being regarded as a stalker, visit and share on a regular basis, and always thank others for their comments.
  7. Strategise your connections to ensure that they are adding value to your profile and your professional network.
  8. On the flip side, be wary of sending invites to people that you don’t know well without showing some value as a potential connection.
  9. Endorsements are quick and easy, but when someone goes to the trouble to write a recommendation, it carries a lot more weight.
  10. Customise your URL to better identify yourself.

WSIOMS can help you master LinkedIn

If you need to leverage LinkedIn by strutting your stuff with a top notch profile, WSI OMS will write it for you. To find out more, please contact us.

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