Email marketing has long been known to be one of the most successful marketing tools there is – people check their emails daily, often many times a day, so it’s an easy way for businesses to reach their target audience. There are many ways to increase the value of your email marketing, but here are ten top tips to get you started:

  1. Use video

Adding video to your emails can increase the ROI and monthly revenue by 40%. Click-through rates increase by 3 times when a video is included.

  1. Make sure you are authenticated

You need to make sure your emails are getting through to the inboxes. Make sure your spam complaints are being addressed and get on approved lists.

  1. Optimize for mobile

Mobile devices are being used more and more for email – offering a way for marketers to reach customers wherever and whenever they want. Use responsive design so your email is not compromised on mobile devices.

  1. Measure results

It’s so easy to measure results, so do it! Knowing who read what, when and where is the best way to determine what to build on and what to fix.

  1. Click-throughs

Make sure your CTA is loud and clear so your readers have a reason to click on your links. You should measure these too, for future content creation.

  1. Recognition

A reader may only give your email one or two seconds, so keeping a familiar look and feel will make your emails recognizable.

  1. Create compelling content

Ultimately, good content will attract customers interested in your product. Make sure you provide customers with informative and relevant content.

  1. Use templates

Not only easier and more reliable, using templates ensures the recognition factor.

  1. Use social media

Emails with social sharing buttons have a click-through rate 158% higher than emails that don’t. Adding social media can produce large campaign results. Put your sign-up for email on your social media sites.

  1. Align your strategy with your goal

Don’t lose potential customers by posing as a brand you are not. Stick to the strategy and express your company culture in your marketing.

For more on email marketing, social selling and digital marketing, contact us. We can look at ways to improve your email marketing campaigns.

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